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Medical Phone Service

Medical Phone Service 

Medical Phone Consultation

Key To Health Clinic offers medical phone consultations to anyone who speaks English. A phone consultation may be especially appropriate if your physical condition, schedule and/or location prevent you from coming to the clinic.

A phone consultation is similar to a personal office visit, except that a licensed physician will talk with you over the phone instead of in person.

A phone consultation is your opportunity to ask questions about your health condition and receive natural treatment options for your specific health problem. Medical phone consultations are especially appropriate for:

  • Immediate help with your health problem.
  • Indications and contraindications for medications and supplements.
  • Evaluating the nutritional supplements you are taking and their potential interactions with your prescription medication.
  • Learning what diagnostic testing might help provide insite into your condition.
  • Understanding the results of your diagnostic tests.
  • Recognizing what factors that might be causing or contributing to your health problem(s).
  • Evaluating the action of your homeopathic medication.
  • Understanding comprehensive holistic natural medicine treatment options for your health problem.
  • Developing a customized treatment program for your condition.
  • Continuing your health recovery program after visiting our clinic.

How to make a phone consultation appointment.

You decide how much time you would like spend speaking to the physician. Recommended times to choose for a first consultation are:

  • 30 minutes ($90)
  • 45 minutes ($135)
  • 60 minutes ($180).

Call our office at 503-434-6515 to schedule your appointment time and pay for your consultation with a credit card (Visa, Master Card or Discover).

We may send you some paperwork, which is to be completed and in our hands before your appointment. The physician will use the time during the first consultation to do a detailed review of your past and present medical history, discuss possible causes of your health problems, and speak generally about setting up a treatment and health restoration program. Your questions are answered and a treatment plan is made for you to follow.

Phone Consultation Policies

We cannot bill insurance for the consultation. You can send our receipt to your insurance company and try to get reimbursement. If you cancel your scheduled appointment with less than a 24 hour notice there will be no refund. If you give us a cancellation notice 24 hours or more before your scheduled appointment, a cancellation fee of $50 is charged and the balance is refunded to you.