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Patient Cases

Patient Cases


A 5’4â€, 53 year old woman .

She first began with me in Aug. of 2001 at 199.5#’s.

On my old program she went from 199.5 to 168 in 15 weeks (31.5# loss), with a total fat loss of 18#’s, or a 1.2#/week fat loss average. Very focused and following the program 100% at that time.

This patient continued on the program with varying degrees of compliance over the next 16 months, hitting a low weight of 154 and returning to start the Ultra-Lite program on 3/28/03, at 168 again.

On Ultra-Lite over a 10 week period she went from 168 to 144 in 10 weeks (24# loss), with a total fat loss of 23#’s, or a 2.3#/week fat loss average. This patient has continued on the program, is presently below 130 and will attain her goal of 124, within the next few weeks.

NOTE: prior to Ultra-Lite, I had never seen a female lose fat at greater than 2 pounds per week over any extended period of time. In fact a 1.5# fat loss average was excellent for a female and very rare. The fastest I ever saw any patient lose fat was a male at 3#’s per week and he had a large amount of muscle on his body and was very active.


A 5’3â€, 49 year old female.

She first began with me in Aug. of 2002 at 165#’s.

On my old program she went from 165#’s to 141 in 14 weeks (24# loss), with a total fat loss of 18.5#’s, or a 1.3#/week fat loss average. Very focused and following the program 100%.

The patient continued on the program with varying degrees of focus and in May of 03 we started her on the Ultra-Lite program at 134.5#’s.

On Ultra-Lite over a 5 week period she lost 10 pounds, down to 124.5#’s. However, she lost 12#’s of fat, or a 2.4#/week fat loss average. She also gained 2 pounds of muscle, with moderate physical activity.

She has reached her ideal weight with a 22% body fat, and a Body Mass Index of 21.5, in the ideal health range.


A 5’7â€, female, age 50.

This patient first began with me in March of 2001, at 167#’s.

On my old program she went from 167 to 157 in 9 weeks (10# loss), with a total fat loss of 14#’s, or 1.55#.week fat loss average. Very focused and following the program 100%.

This patient then had the rare experience of hitting a plateau, even though she was very compliant with the program. In frustration she gave up.

When she returned for the Ultra-Lite program at the end of April she was up to 178.

On Ultra-Lite over her first 10 week period she went from 178 to 150 (28# loss), with a total fat loss of 26#’s, or a 2.6#/week fat loss average.

She is now at the lowest weight that she can remember as an adult, feels great on the program, has accomplished the Ultra-Lite loss, in-spite of much travelling during her initial 10 weeks and she and I are confident that she will reach her weight goal of 130 – 134.


A 55 year old female, 5’ 3â€.

This patient was not on my old program, but her Ultra-Lite results speak for themselves.

Began the program in May. In her first 5 weeks, she lost 15 pounds, 13.7#’s of fat, or a 2.74#’s of fat loss per week!! This was with a less than perfect 5 weeks of eating. She is feeling better than she has in many years and plans on reaching her ideal weight of approx. 115.


A 5’ 5â€, 39 year old female.

This patient is a lacto-ovo vegetarian. In 2002, she worked with me over a 2 month period and her weight did not change. She felt considerable better, but no weight change, which was her main motivator.

She returned to me in April 03 to try Ultra-Lite. My first vegetarian on the program. I new she was good at following a program from my first experience with her.

In 10 weeks she went from 147 to 124.5#’s (22.%# loss), with a total fat loss of 25#’s, or a 2.5#/week fat loss average. She has reached her goal and is at an ideal Body Mass Index of 20.5.


Presently a 5’ 8.5â€, 49 year old female.

This patient began with me in Feb. of 02, continuing to gain weight even though she had tried many programs, from Atkins to the Schwartsbein Program, under that doctors supervision.

Under my old program she stop gaining weight and was at least pleased with that. She noticed a number of other improvements with her health and even though she followed my program very closely over a long period of time, she lost only 1.3#’s of fat over the course of a year.

She went on the Ultra-Lite Program the first day I made it available in my practice. In 5 weeks she went from 159 to 146 (13# loss), with a total fat loss of 9.3#’s, or a 1.86#/week fat loss average!! Of course this patient was delighted, is now at a 22 BMI, and the lowest weight of her adult life. She was heavier than this even in high school.

The above patient’s are not unusual. These are the kind of results that are common when patients follow the program very closely to how it is designed. I do have some patients that lose at a slower rate than the above patients. But even in some very difficult to lose weight patients, I have seen at least a 1# per week average. Many of these same patients had continued to gain on other programs or at best remained the same.

Dr. Dickson is a specialist in integrative health care. Integrative health care combines the best ideas and practices of conventional and alternative medicine into cost-effective treatments that support the body’s innate ability to heal. He is trained in diagnostic procedures and offers comprehensive diagnostic laboratory testing. Key to Health Clinic is one of the only clinics in Oregon to offer an advanced German functional diagnostic procedure called computerized regulation thermography, CRTwhich is a gentle, non-invasive diagnostic system for the whole body.

Naturopathic medicine has a treatment for everyone, no matter what your particular health concern is. ND’s are taught methods to promote health and improve the function of the whole body. This is what makes them helpful when conventional medicine has nothing more to offer. They are dedicated to developing a customized treatment plan just for you.

Therapeutic Massage can help you maintain optimal health or get relief from everyday stress. Our therapists pass a rigorous examination to become state licensed. Drawing from extensive training and years of experience, they provide a nurturing, effective massage to meet the needs of people of all ages. Clinical hypnotherapy can help you with stress reduction, fears, phobias, habits, behaviors, pain control, grief, and loss. Rapid eye movement(REM) therapy is also offered, which facilitates the mental processing and review of traumatic memories to relieve PTSS symptoms.

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