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Rates – Payment Options

For Dr. Dickson

Dr. Dickson is committed to providing the highest quality health care to you and your family. Today most insurance companies dictate the quality and level of your health care. Many do not provide alternative medical services, or cover very few tests, and limit what is spent per year. For this reason our clinic offers you different choices.

When we make healthcare recommendations, we use our educational and clinical experience to recommend the best and most rapid course for your recovery. A thorough medical and lifestyle history, physical exam and only necessary tests are employed to help understand the underlying cause of your complaints. Our goal is for you to experience improved health and vitality, safely, and in the shortest time possible.

The three payments outlined below strive to make healthcare more affordable to under and uninsured patients. The cash discount fees are lower because billing costs are eliminated. Paying at the time of service allows you and your doctor to decide on appropriate services, without the unnecessary bureaucracy and barriers.